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About Me


My name is Nancy Garland.  I am a Certified Coach Practitioner, Artist/Entertainer, Personal Support Worker and End of Life Doula.  Through the years of working with children and adults, I've found that positive energy is fundamental in achieving results.  

I was born in 1972 and raised in a wonderful family in Toronto.  It wasn't until my fabulous life took a sharp turn, that I began to realize how important a positive attitude was.  

In 1990 I was involved in an accident that left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Overcoming many physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges was definitely that - A challenge, for me and my family.  The temporary loss of function made me appreciate what I have and who I am today.  I believe we should all be grateful.  This challenging time was an opportunity for me to discover that I could help others, so I became a volunteer helping people at a Brain Injury Association.  Then I became a PSW and worked mainly with clients who had varying levels of dementia, as I could understand, to some degree, the loss of function they were experiencing.  Later on, I used my recovery, brain re-training techniques in developing my Happy Brain Program.

Abusive relationships, crime committed on a loved one..... I learned how to not let these experiences affect me now, how to feel confident, forgive and more forward.  I've also experienced the loss of family members, such as my father, brother, and daughter.  They all died at different times, from different causes, but they all died at young ages, and were all very emotionally challenging experiences.  I've learned how to be grateful for the time I have with people, how to let go, and how to continue to be happy throughout difficult times.  I want to share that.  Education and understanding is the key to become motivated to become more positive.  These challenges led me to study the mind and our behaviour, and then led me to get Certified as a Life Coach and End of Life Doula.

We all have a natural energy that we emit, and over time that energy is tarnished by negativity that comes in many forms.  We always have choices though, and I chose to learn to be happy.  You can too!


Nancy Garland

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